Lighting Beauty & Post Production Workshop Announced



Had an amazing time last month with my second workshop in Lighting for Beauty and Post Production. The workshop sold out in less than 2 weeks after it was announced. Back by popular demand is the return of my workshop for lighting for beauty and how to achieve professional results in post production. I will teach my students my very own techniques in achieveing the perfect images right out of camera and giving it that extra commercial ad quality in photoshop. This is an 8 hour intensive class that is geared towards the intermediate level photographer. If your thinking about signing up, do it before April to get the early bird special.


Lara Jade Teaches 3 Day Workshop on CreativeLive

For all you fashion photographers out there, here’s a show your not going to want to miss. If you don’t know who Lara Jade is then shame on you! She’s an amazing, young, and gorgeous, fashion photographer. Her work can be seen in many fashion magazines around the world and it’s very inspiring.

Lara will be teaching a 3-Day workshop on CreativeLive October 22-24th. You can catch this workshop completely FREE if you watch it during the live stream, otherwise it will cost you to download. Get ready to call the boss and tell him/her your not feeling to well, must be a flu virus going around. 🙂