Krista and Huy’s Wedding

What a pleasure it was to receive a call from Krista one day asking me if I would photograph her wedding day. Without much hesitation I told her that I would be honored to. I first noticed Krista when she walked the fashion show runways at Santana Row. Krista is a professional model signed to HMM in San Jose. I also worked with her at one of my photoshoots. I remember her beautiful and vibrant smile. I kept thinking in the back of my mind how beautiful the images were going to turn out and how lucky I was to have a photogenic couple.

The wedding took place at the Corinthian Ballroom in the heart of downtown San Jose. This location was filled with beautiful architecture and history that made shooting here a breeze. My favorite spot was the main entrance that showcased the towering pillars, perfect for a dramatic photo.

The Olympia room of the Corinthian where Krista was getting ready provided beautiful light pouring in from the large windows that surrounded the room giving the dreamlike mood.

I want to congratulate and wish Krista and Huy a wonderful and eternal marriage together. I am very grateful for being a part of their most treasured day.


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