Air America

When approached by my friend and visionary Iggy Sky to shoot a vintage air theme at a highly secured military air base,  it struck a chord with me. You see, both Iggy and I are aviation enthusiasts. Iggy has a long track record with aviation working for the big airlines as a mechanic and analyst. My father worked in the airline industry since I was a little punk. I remember spending countless hours sitting in my car by myself and my radio listening to the somewhat cryptic voices coming out of the control tower at Miami International Airport. It was then when I realized I wanted to be a pilot. A couple of years later I soloed in a Cessna 152 and later made my way to earning a Commercial Pilot’s License. It was my most challenging and biggest accomplishment in life. Even my instructor being killed in a plane crass with my colleague Ruben didn’t hinder my determination.

So here we are. I’m approached by Iggy. Let’s do a theme since we both love aviation. I was all for it. There was one challenge. Without telling me, Iggy had already scheduled the shoot in one week! Are you kidding me? I love aviation and I properly won’t turn you down for this shoot but one week!? I had my doubts. For the next few days Iggy would checkin with me and give me updates. From talking to the high ranking military at Edwards Air Force Base to drowning himself in the pools of what would become the costumes at the military surplus stores. From hats, to goggles, to scarfs, he was on a quest.

To my surprise, the day finally came and I was picked up along with the rest of the crew in what looked like a white van with tinted windows straight out of a movie. I met the rest of the crew and they were all amazing people. After a few obstacles and delays, we finally started shooting at 2:00 in the afternoon. All in all it was clocked at a 17 hour day after we got back toour original rendezvous point.

This was a classic example of determination put to action that resulted in one of the most notable images that I have produced to date. Thanks again to all the wonderful crew that made this shoot possible!

Iggy Sky/Production, Film, Stylist, Art Director


Nora Elizabeth Arechiga/Hair

Yulya Mango,  Dania Denise & Govind Chaudhary/Models