From Fashion to Weddings

Although I don’t hold a degree in wedding photography, as a fashion photographer I need to understand composition, lighting, working with models, using the available light rays shining down upon us, and any other distractions that come my way. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t market myself as a wedding photographer but would jump at the opportunity to shoot a beautiful wedding. Such was the wedding of Mike and Alexa.

Nestled in the Carmel Valley stands a church with one of the most beautiful textures I have seen in the area. The San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo parish is a magical place. The grounds offer endless opportunities for great photographs. I was already imagining an amazing fashion story here. Mike and Alexa planned their wedding very well. Mike is also a wedding photographer and his bar is set very high so it was a little extra pressure. Great touch with the car.

Here’s a shot of the boys having a social gathering before heading to the church. I’m sure you can tell how my work in fashion is recognizable in this photo. This was taken at he Pine Hill Inn Hotel. It had a red velvet vintage feel with a great grandfather clock adorning the front lobby. Another nice tough.

It’s not unusual to run into a great shooting location on the way to or from the church. Who said the side of the road doesn’t make for a wonderful shot? If your tying the knot anytime soon, be sure to check out this hidden little treasure in Carmel Valley. You won’t be disappointed, I’ll even promise you WONDERFUL photos!



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