An executive headshot isn’t always what it seems.

For my most recent headshot, a dear friend and colleague of mine contacted me asking if I could take a recent headshot for her since she will be going back to the corporate world. It was a last minute request, but I managed to squeeze her into my schedule. We didn’t have a boardroom at an office space to work with so I asked her to come by my place and we shot non other the the garage itself. When I told her that we would shoot this in the garage, to my surprise she didn’t even flinch. I guess after a few years of shooting her family portraits she has bestowed some trust in my abilities to turn out a great image. Using a telephoto lens set at a wide aperture, the background becomes blurred and the focus is entirely on your subject. Most of the light is the natural light coming in from the garage door with just a small touch of flash to give the eyes a sparkle. It was nice not having to setup all the lighting equipment this time. It goes to show that mother nature produces some of the most pleasing light around.


2 thoughts on “An executive headshot isn’t always what it seems.

  1. Hey Paul, Just wanted to say, I love the background color in combo with her outfit!!!!! Your work is superb. Take Care

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