From Fashion to Weddings

Although I don’t hold a degree in wedding photography, as a fashion photographer I need to understand composition, lighting, working with models, using the available light rays shining down upon us, and any other distractions that come my way. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t market myself as a wedding photographer but would jump at the opportunity to shoot a beautiful wedding. Such was the wedding of Mike and Alexa.

Nestled in the Carmel Valley stands a church with one of the most beautiful textures I have seen in the area. The San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo parish is a magical place. The grounds offer endless opportunities for great photographs. I was already imagining an amazing fashion story here. Mike and Alexa planned their wedding very well. Mike is also a wedding photographer and his bar is set very high so it was a little extra pressure. Great touch with the car.

Here’s a shot of the boys having a social gathering before heading to the church. I’m sure you can tell how my work in fashion is recognizable in this photo. This was taken at he Pine Hill Inn Hotel. It had a red velvet vintage feel with a great grandfather clock adorning the front lobby. Another nice tough.

It’s not unusual to run into a great shooting location on the way to or from the church. Who said the side of the road doesn’t make for a wonderful shot? If your tying the knot anytime soon, be sure to check out this hidden little treasure in Carmel Valley. You won’t be disappointed, I’ll even promise you WONDERFUL photos!



isQED 12th International Symposium

As most of you already know, my passion is fashion photography. I’m a firm believer that you have to put in your time to make it where you want to be, in other words, your goal. On the road to my goal I’ll venture into new territory because at the end of the day, I still have bills to pay. Fashion will hopefully one day pay all my bills.

I had the opportunity to shoot the 12th Annual International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design. The conference was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara, CA.

The conference was hosted by Dr. Ali Iranmanesh, a Stanford University graduate who holds an impressive background in Electrical Engineering. I have no real interest in electrical engineering myself  but what I did appreciate at this conference was the wealth of knowledge that these individuals have. During a keynote speech, most of the time is not actually taking pictures but waiting for the right moment to take the shot. All other times I’m trying to listen in and gather any piece of information that would make any sense to me. To my surprise I didn’t understand one word of anything these guys were talking about but it opened up a new appreciation to the power of knowledge.

Dr. Kamran Eshraghian receiving isQED award



Dr. Kamran Eshraghian, President at Innovation Labs & Distiguished Professor at World Class University (WCU) Korea receiving an award from isQED.




R. Fabian W. Pease




From our very own Stanford University, Professor R. Fabian W. Pease delivers a keynote speech on Moore’s Law.





Rich Morse from Springsoft


During lunch, Rich Morse from Springsoft delivers a speech on Custom Physical design. Rich Morse is a Technical Marketing and EDA Alliances Manager for the Physical Design Product Group at SpringSoft.

FNK Asia Editorial

A 6,000sq.ft home nestled high up in the Morgan Hill area was the location for the FNK Asia editorial spread. A designer thousands of miles away wanted to bring a new taste of style to their campaigns. We created a vision that brought together fabrics from the East with the cultures of the West. We had an excellent crew on the day of the shoot. I had warned everyone that the drive to the house would be treacherous and halfway up the drive I was already getting calls on my phone asking “How much longer?”  Once at the house, it provided a beautiful scenery and excellent weather. Our crew consisted of make up artist Aliya Qazi, Amy from FNK Asia to help style and label the clothing, Micha from Halvorson Model Management in San Jose and Isabella from Ford Models SF.




















An executive headshot isn’t always what it seems.

For my most recent headshot, a dear friend and colleague of mine contacted me asking if I could take a recent headshot for her since she will be going back to the corporate world. It was a last minute request, but I managed to squeeze her into my schedule. We didn’t have a boardroom at an office space to work with so I asked her to come by my place and we shot non other the the garage itself. When I told her that we would shoot this in the garage, to my surprise she didn’t even flinch. I guess after a few years of shooting her family portraits she has bestowed some trust in my abilities to turn out a great image. Using a telephoto lens set at a wide aperture, the background becomes blurred and the focus is entirely on your subject. Most of the light is the natural light coming in from the garage door with just a small touch of flash to give the eyes a sparkle. It was nice not having to setup all the lighting equipment this time. It goes to show that mother nature produces some of the most pleasing light around.